V/A - Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part One 2LP (LENG)

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V/A - Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part One 2LP (LENG)

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The long anticipated follow up to Magik Cyrkles and Magik Sunrise comes Part One of Magik Sunset.

With more than a year spent tracking down the artists and licensing the music both parts of Magik Sunset will be a fitting end to the Magik series that has seen Psychemagik unearth some incredible music.

Sunset picks up where Sunrise left off with another fine selection of tracks mainly released in extremely small numbers, sometimes only on private presses and only reaching specific parts of America and Europe.

Should you be able to find the originals they would cost you thousands.

Track List:

1. Bobby Brown - My Hawaiian Home 03:55

2. Kathy Stack - Summer Wind 03:23

3. Mother Funk - Sunshine 03:53

4. Jack Adkins - American Sunset 04:28

5.Greg Sonnleitner - Misunderstood 03:47

6. Nathan Perkins Band - Soul Keepers 03:26

7. Crossection - Over Again 02:34

8. Majik - Take Me There (Psychemagik Edit) 06:34

9. Al-Dos Band - Doing Our Thing With Pride 04:25

10. Jake Hottell - Horizon 03:20

11. The Electric Connection - Groovy 04:06

12. Gene Lawrence - After Sunrise 05:37

13. P'Cock - Telephone Song 03:45

14. Terry Brooks & Strange - High Flyer 03:48