V/A - Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 5 2LP (BBE)


V/A - Keb Darge & Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 5 2LP (BBE)

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There’s not too much to say about this, the 5th volume of Keb Darge & Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers that you won’t know already: it’s the final instalment of an acclaimed series that picks up where vol. 1-4 left off, with more raw, rootsy rockabilly and surf sounds, many rare as the proverbial hen’s teeth.
An infamous part of Britain’s club culture since the heyday of the Northern scene in the 1970s when he first gained a reputation for the rugged physicality and athleticism of his dancing, Keb made the transition to DJ with his legendary residency at Stafford’s Top Of The World club at the beginning of the ‘80s, where he became known for breaking ‘newies’ at a time the scene was wallowing in nostalgia.

That set a pattern for Keb, always pushing against the grain. At the end of the decade he relocated to London and established himself as a funk DJ with a residency at Soho’s famous Wag Club, while the rest of the capital was basking in the second and third summer of love. From that came the Deep Funk night at Ormond’s with Snowboy and then, with a compilation on the same theme, began his long association with us.
Keb’s Deep Funk compilations really brought him international attention and a globetrotting DJ career. But never one to rest on his laurels, Keb has shown a propensity to start a new scene whenever he gets a bit bored with the one everybody else is just catching up with! He went back to the roots of soul playing vintage R&B, and then, in a step that was really quite radical for a soulboy, the rockabilly and early surf music discoveries that have made up this latest compilation series.

Keb feels he has put his seal on it with number 5, and is already promising a ‘60s garage-punk series…


1. Ahab and The Wailers - Neb's Tune
2. The Thunderbolts - Rambling On
3. Ron Haydock and the Boppers - Maybelline
4. Bobby Verne - Red Hot Car
5. Wally Hughes - Convertible Car
6. Jonnie & The Cyclones - Twisted Fender
7. The Dynamics - Later On
8. Chan Romero - My Little Ruby
9. Duke Dickson & The Teens - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't
10. Bobby De Soto - The Cheater
11. Reggie Perkins & His Rockin' Maniacs - Pretty Kitty
12. The Jesters - Side Tract
13. Billy Tidwell and The Chivells - Folsom Prison Blues
14. Brownie Johnson - The Sun Would Never Shine
15. Alvis Wayne - Swing Bop Boogie
16. Elroy Dietzel - Teenage Ball
17. Bob Doss - Don't Be Gone Long
18. Pat Cupp and the Flying Saucers - Do Me No Wrong
19. Royce Porter - Yes I Do
20. Thumper Jones - How Come It
21. The Jesters - Panther Pounce